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Cisco Systems is an IT and networking brand that specializes in computer networking products that include switches, routers, cybersecurity and IoT.

Cisco's purpose: To power an inclusive future for all.


Everything within the Cisco brand works together to serve this purpose. It’s not just color, not just a typeface, not just a shape pulled from their logo. Together, all these elements create a look and feel that’s distinctively Cisco.


Below are various campaigns that I've worked on as Associate Creative Director that reinforce this idea. Agency: Belding

We created this video for Cisco Work Your Way campaign. Our messaging revolved around the idea that Cisco has solutions for small and mid-size business employees to work your way. Wherever. Whenever. 


I made all vector illustrations, storyboarded scenes and gave creative direction to our outside animation team from delivered artwork to final completed video.

This campaign included an interactive site, video, web banners, social media and other marketing materials.

The pandemic forced SMBs to scramble and get connectivity for their employees working remotely. Unfortunately, security was never addressed and hackers are attacking WFH systems day and night. Cybersecurity has never been more important. 


The solution? Cisco’s easy and affordable Secure Remote Work keeps businesses and productivity protected. And all those cyberattacks and potentially devastating disruptions? They never happened.


The campaign consisted of web banners shown on social media websites like LinkedIn and Facebook as well as partner websites.


I worked with our copywriter to come up with messaging “sometimes nothing is really something”. Cisco Secure Remote Work protects you from cyberattacks, so you can continue with business as usual. Uninterrupted.

Belding was tasked to create a campaign for Cisco IT podcast series targeting IT folks, but how do you make IT interesting and fun? You interview IT experts about small-to-medium business topics and write scripted podcasts… but with a twist. Each featuring a typical dry interviewer juxtaposed with some unique characters providing Cisco answers.


Making IT Fun Again was an enjoyable campaign because I worked with our copywriter to concept characters that would be both amusing to listen to regarding IT topics and eye-catching to look at. We brainstormed over 75+ characters and narrowed them down to about a dozen.


Above are just a few of the other characters we came up with: Wannabe Pop Star, Wise Old Cowboy, British Socialite, Creepy Caretaker, and Jungle Guide. Some other characters created were a cute little old Grandma, Founding Fathers, Guy who always says cliches, Flight Attendant, Sports Coach and your typical Bro’.


Results: The banner campaign exceeded Cisco’s expectations and they were so happy that we were asked to put a banner on the main Cisco website.

Cisco Animated Banner
Animated Banner
Cisco Animated Banner
Cisco Animated Banner
Cisco Animated Banner

Every year Cisco has a booth at SpiceWorld - a three day event where thousands of IT pros and tech vendors converge to talk tech and geek out over their love of technology. We needed to come up with a digital campaign that would attract viewers to a landing page which provided more info about the Cisco booth.


Our message? Your beat is your business. Tech is the heartbeat behind every growing and successful business and IT is what keeps that beat pumping.

This was a fun campaign because I had to put on a white polyester suit and channel my inner John Travolta to come up with each character’s dance moves. Our copywriter and I brainstormed initial ideas and I designed all the characters & artwork.


Results: The SpiceWorld banners created exceptional traffic to the Cisco website and the Cisco booth was a popular event exhibit. 

Cisco Infographic
Cisco Infographic



Projects: Web infographics   Agency: Belding

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